Jethro Chan

Software Developer


• Strong understanding of technical skills.
• Realistic grasp of challenges a technical startup faces.
• People Person: I work with a wide variety of clients and can adopt to any workplace culture.

Main Technical Expertise

Languages: Python, C/C++, Java, PHP
Platforms: Linux/Unix, Windows, DOS, CLI, Mac, Android
Full-Stack Backend: Django (MVC), Laravel (MVC), Digital Ocean
Front-End: HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, JQuery
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Applications: Emacs, Visual Studios, Atom, Eclipse, Lucidchart, JUnit, Microsoft Office, Image & Graphics Editing
Version Control: SVN, Perforce, GIT
Others: Internationalization (I18N)

About Jethro

I am a full-stack and backend engineer at Edutainme

"EdutainMe will help jobseekers consolidate their learning, the way Toastmasters improves their speaking, we help improve how jobseekers gain new skills to change industries."

I identified key areas of the backend I am interested in and focused on developing code in those verticals.


I am an alumnus of UC Davis, with a degree in Computer Science and Managerial Economics.

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